Mission to North America

  • Chair:  Luke Evans
  • Duties and Responsibilities    
    • The MNA Committee has oversight and supervision of all home mission churches, giving assistance in evangelism, stewardship, etc.
    • The MNA Committee confers with, examines and guides the session of any organized church seeking admission to the Presbytery.
    • The MNA Committee assists in the survey for, and organization of, new congregations, chapels and missions, using Presbytery’s Guidelines for organization along with the denomination’s Mission to North America Guidelines.
    • When an organized church has been admitted into the Presbytery, the MNA Committee visits the church during a worship service and extends Presbytery’s welcome.
    • The MNA Committee promotes the cause of General Assembly’s work on Mission to North America.
    • The MNA Committee maintains the oversight of those presbyters who labor as evangelist.
    • The MNA Committee develops and oversees chaplain’s ministries.
    • The MNA Committee develops and oversees mercy and caring ministries.
    • The MNA Committee develops and oversees resources for building and finance to aid new church development.
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